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Why do women find it difficult to lose weight?

Why do women find it difficult to lose weight?

There are various factors involved in women weight loss. Even with proper diet and active lifestyle many women find it difficult to lose weight especially post-delivery. For those of you here is a useful piece of information & solution.

Women weight loss & Leptin:

Your body’s ability to burn fat is majorly controlled by a hormone called leptin. Optimum level of leptin speeds up your metabolism and triggers energy expenditure. While low level of leptin slows down your metabolism and signal your body to store fat.

Women naturally have more than twice the amount of the fat burning hormone leptin compared to men. But, their sensitivity towards leptin is lower than men. This condition is called “leptin resistance” similar to insulin resistance. The more leptin is present the more resistance is gained.

The resistance to leptin become high during pregnancy. Your body naturally tend to store more fat for energy and warmth to safeguard the fetus and also, to prevent it from pesticides that have accumulated over time in the body. The excess amount of stored fat produces more leptin and resistance towards it becomes higher. That’s how your body’s ability to burn fat is messed up.

Why diets don’t work:

When women get in to a normal calorie deficit diet their leptin levels drop twice as fast compared to men. When leptin levels drop down your metabolism slows which makes it difficult for you to achieve diet induced weight loss or hit a plateau. Once you stop dieting the rebound of lost weight will be more distressful.

Tips to overcome leptin resistance and lose weight:

Intermittent fasting works best to increase leptin sensitivity, lose weight & stay young especially for women. An active life style with proper dedication towards weight loss is more important as well.

  • Maintain proper sleep cycle
  • Consume less calories before sleep
  • Avoid sugar
  • Exercise regularly
  • Increase protein intake and reduce carbohydrates
  • Avoid legumes especially white kidney beans, cucumber, melons and cereals

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