Homemade weight gainer

Homemade weight gainer (850 calories)

Homemade weight gainer (850 calories)

If you are very lean and want to gain weight in a healthy way here is a homemade weight gainer recipe.

Homemade weight gainer ingredients

Almonds 6 nos. 42 calories
Black dates 6 nos. 138 calories
Oats 25gms 97.25 calories
Banana 1 (approx. 6”) 72 calories
Peanut butter 2tbsp 188 calories
Honey 2tbsp 128 calories
Whey protein concentrate 1scoop (approx. 30gms) 122 calories
Boiled sweet potato 100gms 76 calories

To grind the dates finely blend it first with oats. Then add other ingredients.
Don’t expect a step by step guide on how to make a shake using these ingredients. Just add water blend them and drink it.

For continuous result:

Gradually increasing the calorie intake can help gain wait continuously. You can increase the quantity of ingredients every 2 – 3 days to increase the calorie density of the weight gainer shake.

Ex. Adding 2 almonds and 2 black dates to the recipe will increase 60 calories.

Homemade weight gainer nutrition facts

homemade weight gainer


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