Conjugated linoleic acids

Conjugated linoleic acids are fatty acids that are mostly found in grass fed animals and some dairy products. It is promoted as a supplement to lose weight, build muscle and recover faster. CLA supplements and its real benefits There is no significant evidence to prove the benefits of CLA supplementationRead More →

Boswellia serrata for joint function

Boswellia serrata Boswellia serrata popularly known as “Shallaki” is a native plant of India. It is found mainly in the direr parts of peninsular India. It is used as an ayurvedic medicine to treat arthritis, obesity, urinary disorder & asthma. Boswellia serrata use as a sport supplement As a sportRead More →

Creatine supplement side effects

Creatine supplement side effects are kidney damage, water bloat and inhibition of natural production of creatine in the body. These are the popular warnings you probably heard of. Let’s examine the creatine side effect theory by understanding one simple fact that creatine draws water into the muscle. Creatine supplement sideRead More →

Cissus Quadrangularis benefits

Cissus Quadrangularis also known as Devil’s Backbone is one powerful plant found throughout the hottest places in India. It is used to treat many health disorders in Ayurveda. Cissus quadrangularis benefits are well understood throughout the world in recent times and becoming popular as a dietary supplement. Cissus quadrangularis isRead More →